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In Office Visit

  • Initial Consultation
  • Physical Therapy Follow Up
  • Stretch Sessions
  • Reconditioning Program
  • In Office Package Sessions 

In Home Visit

  • Initial Consultation
  • Physical Therapy Follow Up
  • $50 convenience fee for all In Home visits

Telehealth calls are available, contact us for details.



I had a debilitating back pain that affected my daily activities for a few years. I’ve had physical therapy in the past but the pain never went away. I found Suze Elisha on Instagram and asked one question and she has been a blessing since. She not only sent me information but provided a face time consultation prior to my appointment. My appointment was informative! She was able to pinpoint what was causing my chronic pain right away! She demonstrated techniques that have eliminated my pain ever since! She’s God sent.
Aghogho E. Ajueyitsi
Dr. Principal is AWESOME!!! She has a delightful bedside manner. She is extremely knowledgeable and has made this healing process filled with fun and hard work! I appreciate that she has found the perfect balance for her practice. It is extremely reassuring that she has suggested treatments that my surgeon and neurologist have both agreed with and prescribed for continued healing. Dr. Principal has been available for questions and help during and outside of office hours and I appreciate her dedication to my healing and her practice. She has a wonderful spirit and I am fortunate to have her as my Physical Therapist!!!
Shay Jackson
This girl is my hero! Fixed my neck when a pinched nerve seriously messed me up. My fellow Ortho Colleague and friend. Gooooo Suze.
Michelle McCarty
Occupational Therapist
Have you ever worked with someone who really got you? They know what a good day, a bad day, and a great day look like and know how to guide, treat, and motivate you through all of them. That is what working with Dr. Suze-Elisha Principal is like. She has been my physical therapist for almost two years treating my symptoms, changing every session to fit my evolving ability and needs as a disabled woman. She understands my disability and how it affects my body, but has never treated me as strictly as “Cerebral Palsy” seeing the woman and the disability in congruence. It is refreshing to have a provider that sees my disability not as a problem, but as much a part of me as my brown eyes. Through working with her I have seen my body become stronger and more functional. Goals have been set, met and reset. She knows how I work and how to motivate me to do more. I recommend Dr. Principal to my close friends as a physical therapist who will not only help to stretch and strengthen them, but will partner with them for better health.
Kieran K.
Dr Suze-Elisha Principal DPT OCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Specialist In Orthopedics

Address: 84 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: (516) 387-4299  

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